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rcs-book.gif (164196 bytes) Radar Cross Section, Second Edition
Eugene F. Knott, John F. Shaeffer, Michael T. Tuley; 1993
ISBN: 0-89006-618-3








This completely updated second edition helps the non-specialist understand how radar echo requirements may influence design objectives. With a full review of the fundamentals, background, and history of radars and electromagnetic theory, this book contains something for everybody -- from novice to expert.

Contents: Radar Fundamentals. Physics and Overview of Electromagnetic Scattering. Exact Prediction Techniques. Phenomenology. High-Frequency RCS Prediction Techniques. Phenomenological Examples of Radar Cross Section. Radar Cross Section Reduction. Radar Absorbing Materials. Radar Absorber Measurement Techniques. Antenna RCS and RCSR. RCS Measurement Requirements. Outdoor RCS Test Ranges. Indoor RCS Ranges. Hip-Pocket RCS Estimation, Data Presentation, and Reduction.


The Aeronautical Journal

"Should become the standard reference for anyone concerned with RCS."

Booknews, Inc. Portland, OR. -- May 1, 1993

In this second edition, some material from the first edition has been removed to make room for new material such as more examples of field distributions and radar cross sections (RCS), practical considerations of planform shaping to reduce target echoes, more analysis of transmission line measurements of absorber samples, examples of radar imagery derived from coherent measurements of test objects reducing echoes from antennas, and discussions of creeping wave echoes of metal spheres, calibration of RCS measurements, and the compact range.


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