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MSi Software Packages & Services Pricing* (January 2002)

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EM-Viz Version 1.0

Note:   If you need prediction software, see below.  All are EM-Viz ready!

EM-Viz PC Software
Version 1.0
MSi's Electromagnetic visualization for frequency domain codes for Windows 95/98/NT. $375 per seat
EM-Viz PC Software
Version 1.0 Site license
Site license for EM-Viz of up to 10 seats. $1,000 site
Output Conversion Converter filter added for your frequency domain code to EM-Viz format. Case-by-case
Training Course Two days on-site training course on the use and theory used in EM-Viz software. $4,000 + travel expenses
Installation and setup On-Site installation of EM-Viz software. $1,000 + travel expenses
Support Consultant support on EM modeling, design & evaluation. $125 / hr.
MOM3D-PC software 3D Method of moments triangular patch PC software, version 2.0. output ready for EM-Viz. $4,000
BORMOM-PC Software Body of revolution Method of moments PC software, version 2.0. Output ready for EM-Viz. $3,500
EAPO-2D Edge Aperture / 2D PO software. $800
PO3D-PC software 3D PO Physical Optics triangular patch w/ Automatic edge diffraction $2,750
MSi SimplePlot-PC Rectangular/Polar Plotting software for multiple x,y(s) data files. $200
MSi ContourPlot-PC 2D Contour plotting for regular or irregular spaced data points.  Plots with user defined contour levels and/or shaded fill. $350
MSi - Interface We build you a Web or PC Windows based Interface for your Fortran or C/C++ prediction software. call
MSi support General Consulting $117 - $125/hr
Understanding Stealth Briefing Introductory course in understanding how stealth works for congressional/management personnel to the systems professional.  This course is based on the Understanding Stealth article by MSi.

This 1/2 day course is offered per request

$5,000 held @ your location
RCS - Reduction Short Course Introductory course for systems personnel and EM specialist

This 3-day course is regularly offered throughout the year and per request.

$25,000 held @ your location
Advanced RCS-R Short Course A more in-depth look at scattering phenomenology and design techniques for the EM specialist.

This 3-day course is offered per request.

$25,000 held @ your location
Selected Topics Specialized course topics tailored to customers request call

*Prices and options are subject to change without notice.

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