Conservation of Energy for Ohms/square.

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Reflection Coefficient

The reflection coefficient G for a thin sheet of ohms/sq. at normal incidences is


and the characteristic impedance of free space is

The characteristic impedance for a thin sheet is r in parallel with free space

and r = resistance (ohms/sq.)

Thus the reflection coefficient is: with


Loss Coefficient

The loss coefficient A is the ratio of the power absorbed in the ohms /sq. to the incident power

where and

The physical optics current J for ohms/sq. at normal incidence is

where incident magnetic field and sheet current (amps/m)

The power absorbed by the ohms/sq. is

Thus the loss coefficient is



Transmission Coefficient

The transmission coefficient T is the ratio of the power transmitted to the power incident


The transmitted and scattering fields are





From Conservation of energy

Energy is conserved when

Substituting from the above equations


Power Coefficients Vs. Ohms/sq.

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