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Release Version 1.0

"You supply the data, we supply the view."

EM-Viz, By Marietta Scientific, Inc., Now in release verion 1.0

A smallnew.gif (926 bytes)PC Tool for Visualization and Post-Processing for Your Antenna & Scattering Prediction Electromagnetic Codes

Key Benefits:

737 image @ 0 deg (H-pol)
bulletPhysical Understanding
bulletDesign Iteration


737 Time current animation (H-pol)
bulletYour antenna or scattering frequency domain results are the input to EM Viz - Now Release version, Click to get a Demo copy!
bulletThe input data file is triangle node based with vector complex currents specified at each node
bulletEach document corresponds to one input file. Multiple current solutions in each document
bulletPC Windows look and feel with a modern graphical user interface
bulletSave results
bulletCut and paste results to Windows word processing or presentation graphics programs
bulletThree dimensional objects with mouse controlled rotation / twist, zoom, and pan
bulletCurrent and field displayed in time animation, single step, or average root mean square
bulletGeometry Overlays
bulletContours can be discrete levels or smooth color

Image Computations:

cone-sphere bistatic image animation
bulletDown Range or Down/Cross Range images
bulletBistatic or Backscatter receiver position
bulletTheta/Phi or Co/Cross polarization
bulletUser set resolution, extent, FFT window and padding

Near Field Computations:

Cone-Sphere Field Maps @ 0 deg incidence
bulletUser defined computational plane, and step size
bulletIf scattering problem, total field display option

Far Field Computations:

737 Bistatic polars for 0 deg excitation (H-pol)
bulletTheta or Phi Cut
bulletTheta/Phi or Co/Cross polarization

Input Data Types:

bulletEM-Viz can accept input from several different types of 3D Frequency Domain Codes.
bulletby Couple (RWG patch code basis function)
bulletGeometry: Triangle (x,y,z point array: connection array)
bulletCurrents: Couple triangle ID1, ID2, Complex Current between Triangles
bulletby Node (also for 2D node based codes with z=0)
bulletGeometry: Triangle (x,y,z point array: connection array)
bulletCurrents: At each node, complex vectors
bulletby BOR (Body of Revolution)
bulletGeometry: segment rho, z
bulletCurrents: segment tangential and azimuthal by mode
bulletby Wire
bulletGeometry:  Points, Segment connection array
bulletCurrents: Segment ID, complex scalar values
bulletby Tri (Physical Optics on subwave length sized triangles)
bulletGeometry: Triangle (x,y,z point array: connection array)
bulletCurrents: Triangle ID, Complex Vector at triangle centroid

Pricing & options:

bulletVersion 1.0 of EM Viz - Version 1.0 now available! is now available.
bulletSee our products page to see our current packages & pricing.

Download Demo Software

If you would like to get a Demo version that allows you 60 Days use of the Full version, Please fill out the following form & submit it to go to the download page.

bulletThe Windows installable download contains:
bulletEM-Viz program, several input examples, reference manual and a tutorial.
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